Sourcing wood

Makana Meadery harvests alien invasive tree species from the Makana region. Removal of alien invasives in South Africa is part of the award winning conservation programme, Working for Water, aimed at replenishing our watersheds. 

Manitou in actionBy accessing these trees for beehive production, Makana Meadery is able to source wood in an environmentally friendly way.

Large timber reserves are scattered across the Makana region and are too short for making conventional timber products. Beehives require short pieces of timber, hence we are able to cut to specified sizes.

              Manitou loading onto a truck

The company is also able to source more unusual timbers, such as various Eucalyptus species (Saligna, Murray River Red, Red Ironbark, Ironwood), Lebanese cedar and Cypress. These timbers are sold and are not used in beehive construction.


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