Beekeeping Products

Beekeeping support products

Makana Meadery provide a full range of beekeeping support products:

Bee Suits: the full head and shoulders cover to minimize your sting count.

Smokers: Built by Makana region tin smiths these smokers are both functional and beautiful. Why not buy one for the mantelpiece and show off the quiet charm of beekeeping?

Beehives: Makana Meadery has its own sawmill. We can produce beehives at lower prices than anyone else, because we pay less for our wood!

Beehive frames: Makana Meadery manufactures standard frame sizes incorporating an innovative new labour reducing design used by large beekeepers in North America. These frames are quicker to assemble, and are also stronger.

In the pipeline

Makana Meadery is a technology driven company. We have a number of new and exciting products being developed.

If you would like to be notified of these prior to their launch, please contact us.

Products in the pipeline include, honey vinegar products, propolis products and a new range of organic honey products to make your diet healthy and fashionable.


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