Beekeeping Training

Training courses

Makana Meadery can provide basic beekeeping training services as well as an advanced beekeeping service. All training courses are run at the Makana Meadery premises in the Old Powerstation property in Grahamstown. At any one time aspirant beekeepers will have access to between 80 and 100 beehives in the area for training purposes.

           At work building beehives

Business management

We are also able to provide beginner business management services through our associated service providers in the Makana region. These courses provide a basic education in how to run a small beekeeping business.

After training support: our extension officers visit and assist learners with beekeeping questions, as well as arranging for the sale of honey produced at market-related prices.


Accommodation can be easily arranged for trainees at either the Makana Municipality Caravan Park or the Hillandale Monastery - both of which are within two minutes drive of Makana Meadery premises. Transport to and from the accommodation is available from Makana Meadery.


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